No – we are upfront with all our fees and the only charge is a 10% commission on voucher redemption. This means no sale – no fee. It is totally free to join and be one of our registered salons.
We obviously hope that you will never want or need to do this but you can delete your account at any point free of charge – there is no minimum registration period.
You simply login to the member area and click check my voucher code. Then once you can see the voucher is valid – click redeem my voucher. Enter the amount of the voucher to be redeemed, and then payment will be made into your paypal account within 48 hours.
Of course, some of our registered traders already do this – so instead of waiting 48 hours to receive the funds after the treatment has been provided – they take the voucher code on the booking of the service. When you take payment is entirely up to you.
Let’s hope this doesn’t happen! However in the event that it does – you can’t put credit back on the voucher. You still redeem the voucher as normal so you are still paid – but then you would have to refund your customer according to your normal refund policy – by cash or card or however you would normally manage this.
Please sign each salon up separately, each of your different locations will appear on our map when customers are browsing trader locations.
Of course – when you register you will receive your own login in details to your account. You can manage your account however you wish – free of charge.
Of course! Many of our traders work from home or are mobile, you don’t need a shop front to sign up.

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